*Discontinued* Jeanne 22" U-Part Wig Extension


Color: S01: H. Classic Blonde

2 pieces in stock


  • 100% human hair
  • Sold in 1 Piece or 2 Piece with Extra Snaps, Comb, Carrier Pouch and  Organic Shampoo(Value: $35)&Conditionor(Value: $35)

Style Guide:

  • Section a thin layer of hair at the crown of your head. (approximately 3in).
  • Use corner ends of your eyes as a reference for where to section on each end.
  • Keep this sectioned hair temporarily in place by holding it together with a large hair jaw or clip.
  • Now grab the Jeanne and place the fishing wire on the sectioned area of head and secure it in place.
  • Tuck in natural hair behind each ear and secure the extension in place the comb clip.
  • Secure the rest of hair in place with the remaining 3 comb clips around your head (5 comb clips attached to extension)
  • Release your sectioned hair from the hair jaw or clip.
  • Using a SOHO teasing comb or brush, blend your hair where the invisible fishing wire until the wire is no longer visible.
  • Style & Comb through the Jeanne with your natural hair as necessary
  • We recommend that you curl and straighten the Jeanne so that it blends seamlessly with your natural hair.

Care Instructions:

Just like your own hair, it is advised to thoroughly brush through the extensions before and after use, to avoid naturally occurring tangles. We recommend that you use our SOHO Organic Shampoo + Conditioner to increase the longevity and overall quality of the extension. Wash the extension every few weeks to a month (depending on use).

Available in 11 colors for a perfect match! 

100% Human Hair -sold in one piece

* This item is a final sale item


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