Ariana Top Piece Set


Color: S15: H. Golden Natural Blonde

Our new Ariana top piece inspired by our best seller Ali. Ariana is 2 inches longer than Ali. Ariana is 14" perfect to add more volume to the top of your head and the sides. This 100% handmade top piece/volume strip piece blends perfectly with your real hair and it is so light that you'll forget you even have it on. It gives instant volume without even having to tease your hair. This is not the same as a regular clip-in hair extension, as this piece comes with volume. This piece is perfect for any type of hair.

This is 100% human hair, so you can dye, curl, or straighten this piece. Recommend to wear as a 6 piece set, we are sure that it will make your hair feel extra voluminous for everyday or a night out without weighing it down!

You can use this item as a side bang too.

  • Available in 24 colors for a perfect match (TO FIND YOUR PERFECT MATCH, VIEW OUR HUMAN HAIR COLOR CHART HERE)
  • 100% human hair
  • Sold in 2 different sets: FULL (6 piece set) & LIGHT (2 piece set)

Same application as Ali. Please see video below for easy step by step tutorial! 

Care Instructions: No special care instruction because it is 100% human hair. Same shampoo & conditioner. Treat it just like your hair.




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